Every Monday night, the Celtic Arts Center offers FREE workshops in Irish Céilí dance at both beginner and intermediate levels. The workshops are held from 8–9PM at The Mayflower Club in North Hollywood, CA.

Irish Céilí dancing is the traditional type of dance that is done at many social gatherings. It differs from Irish Step dancing because it is done in groups of two or more. In the Celtic Arts Center's Introductory Irish Céilí workshops, you will learn the basic footwork necessary for performing the different dances; these steps include: the promenade step, quick-sevens, and the jig step. You will also be taught a new dance every one to two weeks, depending on the complexity of the dance. Some of the most common dances you will learn are The Fairy Reel, The Harvest Time Jig, The Bonfire, The Four Hand Reel, and many others! The class is open to beginners and advanced dancers alike and is suitable for all ages. Please wear lightweight clothing, flexible shoes and bring plenty of water!

The Beginner Level Workshop:
In the beginner workshop, you will be introduced to the basic footwork that is necessary in Irish Céilí dancing—the promenade step, quick-sevens, and the jig step. You will be given ample time in order to perfect these basic movements and will be taught at your own pace. You will also be introduced to the basic, traditional Céilí dances, both jigs and reels. Some of these dances may include, The Four Hand Reel, The Fairy Reel, and the Harvest Time Jig.

The Intermediate Level Workshop:
In the intermediate workshop, you will build on the basic footwork that you learned in the beginner level workshop and be introduced to new steps and focus more on basic technique. The class will move at a faster pace than the beginner workshop, but the teachers are very sensitive to the needs of all students. You will also learn more complex and non-traditional dances such as Jocelyn Bronwyn's Fancy, The Two Hand, and The Glencar Reel.

Below are videos of two dances that are taught at the workshops.
The Walls Of Limerick  The Glencar Reel

Please feel free to come down any time and check out our Monday night Céilí dance workshops -- no pre-registration is necessary. If you have any additional questions about our dance workshops, you can e-mail us at dance@celticartscenter.com .