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Celtic Art Walk/Hang Out

Second Celtic Art Walk / Hang Out
& Grand Seisiún
APRIL 16, 2018
from 7–11PM

at The Mayflower Club

The Celtic Arts Center will be hosting its second “Art Walk/Hang Out” at the Mayflower Club in North Hollywood on Monday, April 16, 2018. These arts and crafts, created by our members and other local artists, will feature Celtic themes, or display identifiably Celtic artistic styles or media. The artwork will be on display the entire evening and some may be available for purchase. And if you're an artist yourself, we are still accepting artist submissions (please see information below*).

The art will be displayed throughout the Mayflower Club location so that our guests can walk about and take a look at everything. The usual Monday night programming will proceed as usual: language classes, dance class, and our traditional Celtic session will be held in the main hall. People will be able to sit and have a drink, look at art, and chat with their friends. It will be a nice, relaxing, artistic and fun evening!

* We are currently looking for artists to submit an application to display and/or sell their work. Interested artists will register themselves and their artworks with event organizers ahead of the event -- registration information can be found on the event's Facebook page. Participation is free unless the artist intends to display their work for sale, in which case there will be a nominal gallery fee, or a donation of a percentage of the proceeds. Participating artists must provide their own mounting and display apparatus, or consent to have their works displayed horizontally on a flat surface. We are sorry, but due to concerns about safety and building integrity we cannot permit art to be mounted on walls. Artists must take responsibility for dismantling and removing their displays by the end of the evening.

The Celtic Arts Center reserves the right to exclude works that it deems inappropriate or offensive, or on grounds of artistic quality or space limitations.

This event is open to general public — so bring friends and family!
Come down enjoy and celebrate the creative spirit!

[This will be happening along side our regular weekly workshops and jam sessions.]

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