[ S/he is responsible for all financial processing and reporting for the Center. ]

Updated on 5/20/05

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Maintain account records for the Center using QuickBooks Pro.
-- process all incoming monies
-- collect money from the safe
-- make bank deposits
-- collect and pay all bills
-- handle reimbursements upon approval
-- reconcile monthly bank statements
• Organize and store all financial records.
• File annual taxes for the Center (with accountant).
• Produce audited financial statements (with CPA).
• Produce annual budget for the Center (with Executive Committee).
• Produce financial reports for the Board (monthly and yearly).
• Attends both Board meetings and Executive Committee meetings.
• Train volunteers on the proper use of the Center's credit card machine.

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Provides specialized financial reports for grant proposals and other special needs.

Supported By / Reports To:
• Executive Committee and the Board of Directors

Skills Required:
• Bookkeeping and/or accounting experience.
• Appropriate computer skills.
• Detail oriented, strong organizational skills.