An Claidheamh Soluis/Celtic Arts Center's Theatre Mission Statement    (6/19/2000)

The aim of theatrical production within An Claidheamh Soluis/Celtic Arts Center derives from the overall aim of the organization to preserve and promote the languages and culture of the Celtic lands. The priority, therefore, is the preservation and production for local audiences of theatrical texts which were created in those lands or which offer insight into their cultures or which derive from authors (or composers) who manifest a personal Celtic heritage. Secondarily, just as ACS/Celtic Arts Center is striving to educate a new generation of practitioners of Celtic language, dance and music, so it offers an opportunity for performers and other artists who support the overall aims of the Center to develop their personal craft through the production of the kinds of dramatic literature described above. The Center's goal, above all, is to provide an outlet for the richly diverse canon of dramas, comedies, bardic stories, and musicals which help bring to light the Celtic world for the local audience.

While participating in theatrical production with the Center will always help professional performers and other artists hone their craft for the marketplace, this is only a worthwhile by-product of its productions and not to be considered a principal goal. The participation of such artists is important to the degree that they provide the richest and most satisfying rendering of the dramatic literature chosen for production by the Center.

— An Claidheamh Soluis/Celtic Arts Center

Theatre Department Director

JOB DESCRIPTION: "Director of Theatre"    (6/19/2000)

The Director of Theatre will oversee all theatrical productions undertaken by ACS/CAC, including any co-produced or contracted with outside individuals or organizations.  The Director of Theatre is an appointee of the Board of Directors — under its supervision — who may be financially compensated for appropriate professional duties on individual productions.  It has been the past history of the organization to provide a production liaison from the Board to assist the Director in the myriad of details related to production – especially in the areas of publicity and box office.  The candidate is encouraged to carefully consider the Center's "Theatre Mission Statement"; this document is a reflection of the long-established goals of the Center and the Director of Theatre is above all expected to support those goals as described therein.

The Director of Theatre's responsibilities include (but are not limited to):

  1)  Coordinate scheduling of theatre productions, to include definitive booking of rehearsal and performance spaces and the execution of rental agreements (with the consent of the Board of Directors), as well as procurement of performance rights from copyright holders where necessary.

  2)  Monitor the progress of all productions to ensure that performers are adequately prepared for performance and that all physical aspects of production (including tickets and playbills) will be ready for Opening Night.

  3)  Prepare a list of suggested plays or musicals for the calendar year in consultation with the Dramaturgical Committee (if such exists at any given time).  Present this proposed production calendar to the Board of Directors for approval.  The Board of Directors reserves the right to disallow production of any play.

  4)  Serve as chair of the Theatre Committee.  Actively recruit membership for this committee from among ACS/CAC members and other participants.  In consultation with the Board of Directors, establish an appropriate meeting schedule for the committee.  Provide reports on the activities of the committee to the Board.

  5)  Coordinate the recruitment of directors for productions as needed. The Director of Theatre may direct productions and be compensated for such work, if qualified to do so, but is strongly encouraged to engage at least one "guest director" per calendar year.

  6)  Coordinate the recruitment of paid and volunteer design and production staff (to include front-of-house).  Where qualified, the Director of Theatre can serve as a designer on any given production and receive financial compensation.

  7)  In consultation with the President of the Board, each fiscal year prepare a budget for Theatre activities within ACS/CAC for approval by the Board.

  8)  Assist the Treasurer in the preparation of production income and expense statements when necessary.

  9)  Serve as liaison to any outside individual or organization providing independently-produced theatre to be offered under the auspices of ACS/CAC. Report to the Board of Directors on the progress of any such productions.

10) Where appropriate, serve as liaison to press and other media regarding ACS/CAC theatre activities.

Candidates for the position of Director of Theatre should offer the following qualifications:

  1)  Experience in the coordination of theatrical production, from both an artistic and logistical standpoint.  Relevant prior credits might include: Artistic Director, Producer, Producing Director, Production Manager, Production Stage Manager, Technical Director.  A demonstration of breadth of experience in theatre production or advanced formal training would substitute for previous theatre staff positions.

  2)  Competence in or advanced understanding of the work of the stage director – including script analysis; establishing a production concept with design staff; establishing an appropriate rehearsal schedule; blocking; coaching actors; communicating with publicity staff.

  3)  A personal interest in Celtic – not exclusively Irish – culture and history is encouraged.  A willingness to selflessly promote dramatic literature that reveals aspects of that culture and history is mandatory. The candidate should either possess or be highly motivated to acquire a working knowledge of Celtic and Celtic-oriented theatre history and dramatic literature.