Center's Hotline Coordinator

[ S/he handles any issues having to do with the ACS Celtic Hotline.]

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Weekly checking of/dealing with all messages (i.e., getting the message to the right person or dealing with them/returning them personally).
• Weekly updating of the outgoing messages (gathering info. for new plays, concerts and any other updates needed in our outgoing message).
• Writing scripts for outgoing messages.
• Recording the outgoing messages.
• Constant updating of reservation lists for concerts & plays (making up the new lists and maintaining current ones).
• Stocking the needed forms in ACS office (phone message forms, reservation forms, etc.).

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Often the message machine goes out. This person must either deal with the problem directly or contact the Center's IT Manager and/or CTO.

Supported By / Reports To:
• The Marketing Committee, Executive Director, and CTO.

Skills Required:
• Strong communication skills a must (writing and performing).
• Strong organizational skills.
• Strong people skills (much outreach involved).
• Computer skills a plus (brownie points for Mac users).