Facilities Manager

[ S/he is responsible for the overall management of the physical premises that is the Center. ]

Updated on 5/20/05

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Ensure the Center is in a safe and satisfactory state of repair.
• Schedule and co-ordinate periodic cleanings.
• Ensure audio equipment is in functional order.
• Create default settings for equipment at the completion of performances, or other group sessions.
• Ensure that after shows or performances, all areas including dressing rooms and sound booths have been restored to his/her acceptable standard.
• Ensure an appropriate supply of flyers and informational literature is available in the designated areas.
• Books the facility, including coordinating the use by external groups, shows, or classes, maintaining the Center's calendar on Yahoo.

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Be the first line of call in the case of equipment failure or emergency, and be responsible for prompt remedial action.
• Provide training on the performance equipment, as required.
• Maintain an accurate record of key holders, distributing and recovering same at the Board's direction.

Supported By / Reports To:
• Reports directly to the Executive Committee on all routine matters, and immediately notifies the Board President in emergency situations.

Skills Required:
• Good organizational skills and leadership skills.
• Sufficient computer skills to maintain the Center's calendar on Yahoo.
• Able to perform simple repairs.
• Flexible personal schedule.