Development Committee Chairperson

[ S/he develops in collaboration with the Board and the Directors the plans for fiscal development to meet yearly operational budget and any expansion planning. Develops and implements plans to generate revenue throughout the programming of all departments.]

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Maintains communication with Board of Directors and Dept. Directors.
• Attends Board and/or Directors meetings when appropriate.
• Works in collaboration with Treasurer and Executive Director in the development of yearly budgets.
• Insures fiscal and budget reporting reflects the needs of current funding contracts.
• Addresses with Board and key personnel the need for special fundraising event planning in relation to the annual budget.
• Works in collaboration with grant writer and grants manager.
• Works in collaboration with Board and Executive Director in the development of solicitation campaigns.
• Work closely with Volunteer Coordinator.

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Not sure yet because it's a new position.

Supported By / Reports To:
• The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors

Skills Required:
• Ability for long-range creative financial planning.
• Written and oral communication ability.
• Ability to create and implement special event/activities for fundraising.
• Ability to motivate and provide direction to volunteers.