Dance Department Director

[ S/he oversees and develops all dance activities at the Center.]

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Promotes all types of Celtic dance at the Center.
• Oversees all dance preformances/recitals or delegates the responsibility.
• Oversees the Center's dance troops or delegates.
• Works with all department directors and/or event coordinators to provide dance content as needed.
• Oversees the Center's dancer referral service.
• Works with the Education Director and/or Class Coordinator to develop dance curriculum.
• Acts as a representative of The Celtic Arts Center to the community.
• Participates in development of budgets.

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Provide dancers for special needs that arise.
• Produce and coordinate (MC) events (i.e., Robert Burns Night, St. Patrick's Day Luncheon).
• Contribute to the Center's newsletter dance-related materials for publication.
• Volunteer to attend community events.
• Supply support information to grant writers, etc.

Supported By / Reports To:
• The Artistic Director and the Executive Director

Skills Required:
• Knowledge of dance/movement (Celtic & International/World)
• Ability to teach the different styles/genres of Celtic dance and/or delegate to other teachers
• Good organizational skills and leadership skills.
• Ability to delegate responsibilities and use effective follow-up to confirm task completion.
• Good communication skills and networking ability (aka "schmoozing").