Snug Manager / Beverage Manager

[ S/he assists the Facilities Manager in the provision of the beverage services at the Center.]

Updated on 5/20/05

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Works with the Facilities Manager to see that permits and compliances are up to date.
• Keeps the bar stocked.
• Schedules bartenders for all events both on and off site.
• Tends bar when others are not available.
• Recruits, hires, and trains bartenders.
• Terminates bartenders when necessary.
• Creates a list of bartenders' responsibilities and duties.
• Attends facilities management meetings

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Off site events

Supported By / Reports To:
• Board of Directors

Skills Required:
• Must be an out-going "people" person.
• Detailed and organized.
• Accounting skills helpful.
• Prior bartending experience would be beneficial.