Artistic Director

[ S/he provides vision and leadership for the overall artistic goals of the Center in line with its mission statement. ]

Updated on 5/23/05

Ongoing Responsibilities:
• Supports the Department Directors - Music, Theater, Dance and Visual Arts.
• Facilitates and attends periodic meetings of the aforementioned Dept. Directors.
• Works with the Dept. Directors to create budgets and schedules for the year.
• Responsible for the quality and professionalism of the products of those departments.
• Leads grant writing projects based on artistic content.
• Develops and implements new programming at the Center and supports existing projects, searching for talent and projects.

Ad-Hoc Responsibilities:
• Acts as a representative of The Celtic Arts Center to the community.

Supported By / Reports To:
• The Executive Committee and the Board of Directors.

Skills Required:
• Good organizational skills and leadership skills.
• Aesthetic sense and extensive knowledge of the world of art in all its genres (Celtic & International/World)
• Ability to delegate responsibilities and use effective follow-up to confirm task completion.
• Strong communication skills and networking ability.